Zero Waste Market Place

The ZW Conference Marketplace is a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to showcase their products, services, and initiatives to our vibrant community of attendees, speakers, and industry professionals. By featuring your logo and linking to your website on our marketplace page, you not only gain valuable exposure but also demonstrate your support for the mission and goals of the ZW Conference.

  1. Provide us with your logo or image and the desired link to your website. The logo or graphic needs to be 300 by 300 pixels square. (If one is not provided, we’ll use your logo in square transparent background.)
  2. Provide us with one sentence about your product or services, 10 or 15 words max.
  3. Send us a payment of $500.
  4. Your image will be prominently displayed on the ZW Conference Marketplace page, linking directly to your website.
  5. Gain exposure to our diverse audience of [insert expected number] conference attendees, as well as visitors to our website throughout the year.