Steven Finn

Steven M. Finn is Vice President of Sustainability and Public Affairs for Leanpath, the global leader in integrated hardware and software solutions for food waste prevention, where he helps clients take control of their food waste while engaging their employees in creating a culture of food waste prevention. He is a member of the Leanpath leadership team with extensive experience in food waste reduction and prevention strategies, speaking frequently at industry events, providing education and guidance to client partners and internal teams, and managing Leanpath’s 12.3 Initiative program.

On the academic side, Steven teaches graduate courses on innovation for sustainability and the food-water-energy nexus at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University in the U.S. He is the author of several articles on food waste and has served as a Director for three non-profit organizations in the food sector. He is the author of the blog “Food For Thoughtful Action.”

Steven holds a BA in Economics from the University of Delaware, an MBA in Finance from West Virginia University, and the MSOD and MPHIL degrees in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

VP of Sustainability and Public Affairs