Alternative Economy Research with Deep Dives into Fashion and Celebrations

October 26, 2023 from 9:45 am to 10:45 am

Speaker: Moderator: Linda Rico • Speakers: Kelley Dennings, Kim Dinan, Malia Becker

Times are listed in Pacific Standard Time

This panel, organized by the Center for Biological Diversity, will present information at the intersection of Zero Waste, alternative sustainable economies, fashion, and gift-giving. Attendees will learn about public attitudes, preferred messaging, barriers to change, and potential campaign tactics related to these topics.

  • Kelley will set the stage by sharing national survey results regarding the solidarity economy and how the zero waste community can embrace this model. This research found gaps in existing knowledge of alternative economy tenets and offers environmental organizations ways to engage in current efforts to support new economy initiatives they may already know of such as unions, co-ops, sharing, etc.
  • Kim will share a new analysis from the Center and Collective Fashion Justice that found that more than half of wool knitwear is blended with plastic. The analysis found that while wool is often marketed as a natural, sustainable alternative to synthetics, most wool garments are mixed with synthetic materials, contributing to microplastic pollution and worsening the climate crisis.
  • Malia will share national survey results related to alternative gift giving behaviors and secondhand shopping. One takeaway from this research showed that sentiments have increased overtime regarding the desire for less materialistic holidays. Malia will share information on how the zero waste community can support that desire.

Moderator: Linda Rico – Center for Biological Diversity

Kelley Dennings, Kim Dinan, Malia Becker – Center for Biological Diversity