Natasha Dyer

Natasha Dyer currently serves as Community Programs Manager for the City of Atlanta straddling the Mayor’s Office of Resilience and the Department of City Planning. In this role, she works on a Food Systems Team where she focuses on creating programs that divert food from the waste stream as part of the City’s Food Access and Climate Action plans. These programs include recovering edible surplus food to feed food insecure residents and collaborating with external partners in the creation of novel decentralized composting solutions that benefit municipally-supported urban agriculture. Prior to joining the City, Natasha earned a Master of Arts degree in Urban Sustainability from Antioch University Los Angeles (where she did capstone work and wrote her thesis around the importance of municipalities diverting food and organic waste from the landfill as a means to mitigate climate change). She can now often be heard saying how she is tickled to be working on things in her day job that she only wrote about as solutions as a grad student.

City of Atlanta
Community Programs Manager