Miriam Gordon

Miriam is a Program Director with UPSTREAM, and spends her days working to make throw-away a thing of the past. She is a leading architect of local and state policies aimed at promoting the reduce/reuse agenda and also focuses on accelerating and innovating reuse systems in food service at the community level and in public venues.

Prior to joining UPSTREAM, Miriam was the California Director of Clean Water Action, where she developed a program on waste prevention and launched ReThink Disposable, a program that has demonstrated that reducing throw away products in food service saves food businesses money and improves customers’ dining experiences. She has been a leading California advocate, working with allies in the Clean Seas Coalition to secure 150 local bag bans and 100 foam bans, the state-wide plastic bag ban, and California’s ban on plastic microbeads.

Miriam previously worked with local, state and federal agencies implementing pollution prevention and water quality programs. She has helped to shape California’s trash regulations for storm-water control and various state strategies to address packaging waste and plastic pollution.

Miriam holds a JD Degree from Vermont Law School and was an undergraduate at Vassar College.

Indisposable Communities Director