Jay Bassett

Jay Bassett served the public over 35 years both as a (retired) military officer with the
Navy and as a civil servant leader with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He
served 15 years as a charter member of the EPA’s leadership cadre in transforming
EPA’s land and waste program’s “Road Ahead” principles through promoting efforts to
manage materials and products on a life-cycle basis, building capacity and integrating
materials management approaches, and accelerating the broad, ongoing public dialogue on sustainable materials management as both EPA’s Regional (Southeast) program manager and as a national advisor and expert. He also served as a regional advisor including supporting EPA’s Office of Policy in developing and implementing a
comprehensive strategy to maximize the Agency’s commitment to work with our partners to achieve meaningful outcomes on priority issues in disproportionately underserved and vulnerable communities through systematic means to achieve EPA’s mission through community driven and based work. He currently serves on several boards for several “sustainability based” local, state, and national nonprofits and coalitions and has been active in engaging and advancing K12 initiatives, green school programs and curriculum needed to develop critical skills as a foundation for sustainable community and circular economy development as part of the green economy.

Former Principal and Policy Advisor