David Pinsky

David is a Senior Plastics Campaigner with Greenpeace USA, based in Oakland, CA. David began his career with Greenpeace twelve years ago in Wilmington, NC as a volunteer community organizer for renewable energy. He joined Greenpeace staff in 2009 and since then has led nationwide campaigns to shut down coal plants on college campuses, to tackle destructive fishing and human rights abuses in the global seafood industry, and is now campaigning for a plastic-free future.

David leads corporate campaigns on U.S. retailers to eliminate single-use plastics from their operations and to shift in global supply chains away from single-use materials and toward systems of reuse and refill.

David has authored several Greenpeace reports, including Carting Away the Oceans, Sea of Distress, and Packaging Away the Planet. His work has been featured in The Associated Press, USA Today, NBC News, CBS News, NPR, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, Newsweek, and Forbes.

Greenpeace USA
Senior Plastics Campaigner