Clarissa Morawski

In 2015, Clarissa co-founded the Reloop Platform. It is a international not-for-profit association comprised of industry, ENGOs and cities that collectively support policy to further a circular economy. Reloop collaborates using value-chain networks that provide technical and analytical expertise to help better define, communicate and deploy waste minimization policies and operations.

Clarissa Morawski is from Canada and brings over 25 years of experience in waste minimization policy and operations. In 1998 Clarissa founded, and is Principal of, CM Consulting which undertakes regular research related to extended producer responsibility at a global level.

Clarissa has authored more than 100 articles and cover stories on Extended Producer Responsibility, product policy in waste management for recycling publications, including US-based Resource Recycling where she currently contributes a regular column called ¨Dispatches from Europe.

She currently resides with her family in Barcelona, Spain.