Implementing Zero Waste on Campuses and in Businesses, 9/24

9am-11am PST / 12-2pm EST

Adopting a formal Zero Waste goal and action plan is a watershed moment for a large organization’s waste reduction program. They mark the point where a university, corporate or other type of large institution sets a course moving beyond a simple waste management program toward a sustainable materials management system rooted in the circular economy.  Of course goals and a plan are just the starting point. The next challenge is to implement them.

This webinar will feature a panel of speakers from universities and corporations at different stages of implementing Zero Waste plans. The program will start with an introduction to each institution’s planning to date, followed by a roundtable discussion on the various challenges and opportunities each has faced along the way. 


  • Moderator: Alec Cooley, Busch Systems
  • Mary Curtiss, HP
  • Danner Doud-Martin, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
  • Julie Muir, Stanford University
  • Kaity Robbins, Boston University
  • Sue Beets-Atkinson, SMB

Speaker Bios

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