Arley Owens

Arley Owens, a proven and time tested Environmental Thought Leader, is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Ohio Recycling Coalition, a 501 (c-3) Non-Profit organization Recently Arley was appointed as a new Board Member for the National Recycling Coalition’s Board of Directors and Chairs the NRC’s new Diversity Equity Inclusion Council and also Co-Chairs the National Recycling Coalition’s Board of Director’s Fund Development Committee and Communications Committee.

Arley’s pathway to environmental leadership began with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) where he implemented several energy and resource savings programs as the Chief Environmental Officer and Special Programs Group Manager for ODNR’s Ohio State Parks, one of America’s largest park systems, overseeing recycling, waste management, grant administration and special environmental programs designed to reduce energy costs within the 74 state park system.

Prior to Arley’s promotion to Chief Environmental Officer, Arley was the Communications Administrator for the ODNR’s Division of Recycling where he, along with a stellar staff, created and implemented the national award winning Recycle, Oho! Program for the State of Ohio; worked closely with Ohio’s 52 Solid Waste District; administered an annual five million dollar grant assistance program and coordinated annual statewide recycling awareness campaigns and environmental education programs. Arley also held positions with ODNR’s Office of Employee Services as an EEO Officer, Employee Relations Coordinator; and with the ODNR Division of Civilian Conservation Corps as Project Supervisor.
In 2014, Arley along with nine other Ohio based businesses and individuals were recognized by the Association of Ohio Recyclers for the respective major impact they had made on Ohio’s Recycling Industry.

Today as the Executive Director for the Ohio Recycling Coalition, Arley along with ORC’s Leadership Team, have launched ORC’s “Made In America NOW” Financial Stimulus Program, and are in the process of creating ORC’s Environmental Leadership Academy designed to expose, engage, educate and empower individuals to learn how they will be the next generation of Environmental Stewards for our Planet Earth.

Arley earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix, Business Marketing Certification from THE Ohio State Fisher College of Business, a BA in Communications from THE Ohio State University and successfully completed the Solid Waste Authority of North America’s course work and is a Certified Residential Recycling Manager.

Arley is the Founder and President of the critically acclaimed; Earth Team Green Eco-Thriller Comic Book Franchise Arley’s next best-selling Eco-Thriller Comic Book is titled “The Sky Princess-Crusader For Climate Change and Zero Waste Wonder.

Arley is a United States Airforce Vietnam Veteran who served proudly as a member of the Tactical Air Command’s 823rd Elite Combat Security Police while defending eleven US Air Force Bases in Vietnam.

Ohio Recycling Coalition
Executive Director