Arley Owens

Arley Owens presently is the Executive Director for the Ohio Recycling Coalition. He is also the Founder and President of the of the critically acclaimed, “Earth Team Green Eco-Thriller Comic Books” for the classroom series. His next bestselling Eco-Thriller is titled “The Sky Princess- Crusader For Climate Change and Zero Waste Wonder.”

A former National Recycling Coalition Board Member, he chaired the NRC Communications Committee and the Minorities Recycling Council. In his last year of his four year tenure as an NRC Board member, Arley was honored as one of the National Recycling Coalition’s Star Volunteers of the Year.

In 2014 Arley along with nine other Ohio based businesses and individuals were recognized by the Association of Ohio Recyclers as one of the individuals who had made a major impact on Ohio’s Recycling Industry.

Arley earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix, a BA in Communications from THE Ohio State University and completed the Solid Waste Authority of North America’s course work and is a Certified Residential Recycling Manager.

Arley is married to Audrey Owens they have one son, Ryan and two grandsons Cayden and Cartier. Arley is a Viet Nam Combat Veteran, having served honorably with the United States Air Force’s Tactical Air Command’s Elite 823rd Combat Security Police Squadron who, during the 823rd’s tour of duty, aggressively defended eleven US Air Force Bases in South Viet Nam.

Ohio Recycling Coalition
Executive Director
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