2024 Potential Speaker Profile Form

Please post your profile below. You must include a headshot to be able to submit. Your profile will remain as draft until speakers are selected. No need to post multiple times unless you want to edit/improve your profile.

Please attach a recent photo no smaller than 1000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall. Before uploading, save your profile photo with this naming structure: Firstname_Lastname_NZWC_2024.jpg

Photo Selection Guidelines

  • Viewers should be just able to at least distinguish individual eyelashes, eyebrow hairs and eye color when looking close. No sunglasses.
  • If there’s a lot of space around you in the photo, that’s okay. We can crop it down later.
  • Avoid harsh sun/shade lines on the face. (Google “golden hour for photography”.)
  • Avoid photos lit from behind. (We need to see your face, not a blown-out backgroun.d)
  • Tiny, blurry, blown out or overly shadowy images are not acceptable.
  • No selfies. Have someone else take your picture with a decent camera phone or a prosumer-grade camera. This will avoid odd face shapes and crossed eyes.
  • Please do not submit a quick phone-camera-grab of a wrinkled printed photo from your office door.

Need help? Post a placeholder and send a note to the office.

Terms and Agreements: Your submittal of both these forms means you agree with these terms and agreements.

2024 Potential Speaker Profile

If you prefer to include your PhD or MD title, please use the format "Robin Jones, PhD" rather than "Dr. Robin Jones". Name first in all cases. Thanks!
We may contact you via phone or text.