Speaker Checklist, 2020

Thanks again for agreeing to participate in this exciting Conference!  Below please find a succinct Checklist to help you prepare for the event and provides key links for you to find the Conference websites, Conference Logistics and Virtual Platform Tips

Also, please download and read the attached detailed yet invaluable document:

Speaker Questions: Send a note to the office
Registration Questions: Send a note to the office

Upgrade: If you are interested in upgrading from 1 day to the full Conference for $25, send a note to the office ASAP. Be sure to include your full name and email.

Speaker Checklist

____    TRAINING: Attend a Remo training session before the conference. Last speakers training is: 11/30/20, 9 am PST/noon EST. 

____    PROFILE: Create a personal profile within Remo before the Conference.  You can go to this training link at any time before 12/1/20 to do that.

____    PRESENTATION: Upload your presentation slides here by COB on 11/25/20

____    BIO: Upload your bio and photo here by COB on 11/27/20

____    CELL PHONE: Provide your cell phone to the Speaker Wrangler and your Moderator.

____    SLIDES: Print out your slides (e.g. 6 per page) so you can continue with audio connection if technical problems.

____    WRANGLER: On day you’re speaking, find the Speaker Wrangler one hour before your session in Main Conference room.

____   GET HELP: Use Private Chat function, go to Help Desk or look for avatars (circles) of Conference volunteers in Main Conference Room (they have the Conference graphic as their photo) during conference to get technical help.  In private Chat, search for: XXXX

___ LINKS: To get access to the conference, read the Speaker Checklist email sent late last week and again on Monday, November 30 about 9:30am PST/12:20 EST.

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