Due to COVID-19 Orders we have reconfigured the in-person Conference into a Virtual Conference that will be interactive and enable you to meet individually or in small groups in the Virtual Exhibit Hall with Sponsors and to discuss cutting edge topics with industry experts.

You may sign up for the full Conference (that includes the three-day National Zero Waste Conference from December 1-3, 2020, including the National Recycling Congress on December 3, plus 7 webinars beginning August 27, 2020) or for a single days.

Topics to be covered each day are listed on separate pages for each day highlighted in the Schedule at a Glance. Sessions will be recorded. Details forthcoming.

Schedule At A Glance

Confirmed Speakers and Moderators

The following speakers and moderators have confirmed to participate during the All Virtual National Zero Waste Conference on December 1-3, 2020, or the National Zero Waste Conference Webinar Series that begins on August 27, 2020:

  1. Ruth Abbe, Zero Waste USA
  2. Richard Anthony, Zero Waste International Alliance
  3. Kate Bailey, EcoCycle
  4. Rory Bakke, Sustainable Concepts Studio
  5. Will Bakx, Sonoma Compost
  6. Stephanie Barger, U.S. Green Building Council
  7. Sue Beets-Atkinson, SBM
  8. Dave Bennink, RE-USE Consulting and Building Deconstruction Institute
  9. Martin Bourque, Berkeley Ecology Center
  10. Kourtnii Brown, Sustainable Economies Law Center
  11. Louise Bruce, San Jose Conservation Corps
  12. Joseph Button, Straus Family Creamery
  13. Ana Carvalho, Zero Waste International Alliance
  14. Maggie Clarke, Maggie Clarke Environmental
  15. Susan Collins, Container Recycling Institute and NRC Board
  16. Alec Cooley, Busch Systems
  17. Mary Curtiss, HP
  18. Kelley Dennings, Center for Biological Diversity
  19. Chrise deTournay, Berkeley Zero Waste Commission
  20. Neil Edgar, California Sarah Edwards, Eunomia Research & Consulting
  21. Bob Gedert, Past President, National Recycling Coalition
  22. Miriam Gordon, UPSTREAM
  23. Sophie Hahn, Vice-Mayor, City of Berkeley
  24. Marvin Hayes, Baltimore Compost Collective
  25. Lynn Hoffman, Eureka Recycling
  26. Timonie Hood, US EPA, Region IX
  27. Jamie Kaminski, Zero Waste Canada
  28. Christine Keith, GAIA
  29. David Krueger, Northern California Recycling Association
  30. Jessica Lally, City of Denver
  31. Gary Liss, Zero Waste USA
  32. Leslie Lukacs, Zero Waste Sonoma
  33. Terry McDonald, St. Vincent de Paul
  34. Mandi McKay, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  35. Manuel Medrano, Assn. of Recycling Market Development Zone Administrators
  36. Clare Miflin, Center for Zero Waste Design
  37. Caroline Mitchell, City of Fort Collins
  38. Angela Moore, Missouri Historical Society
  39. John Moore, Henn, Etzel & Moore
  40. Julie Muir, Stanford University
  41. Rod Muir, Sure Close Containers
  42. Denise Patel, GAIA
  43. Marialyce Pedersen, GBCI TRUE Zero Waste Advisory Council
  44. Lisa Pellegrino, TerraCycle
  45. David Pinsky, Greenpeace
  46. Annette Poliwka, Berkeley Zero Waste Commission
  47. Julie Sands Tyne, City of San Diego
  48. Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  49. Portia Sinnott, Zero Waste USA
  50. Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic Research Associates
  51. Samantha Sommer, UPSTREAM
  52. Aditi Varshneya, GAIA
  53. Max Wechsler, Urban Ore
  54. Gina Wu Lee, Upcyclers Network
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