NRC National Policy Town Halls

There are 7 sessions of the National Zero Waste Conference and 3 Webinars which are part of a series of NRC National Policy Town Halls. Most are interactive discussions with the Panel and attendees with only a brief introductory presentation to frame the issues.

NRC will provide background documents to the panelists and attendees, including adopted NRC policies about those topics. Each of these Town Halls is to recommend by the end of the session how NRC should update its policies on these topics and issues that all those attending could work on together as priorities for the next couple of years.

The NRC Policy Committee will compile the results of these sessions into recommendations for action to the NRC Board of Directors to consider in updating NRC policies and programs to support these topic areas.

Schedule and Topics at a Glance

All times listed are in the Pacific Time Zone

  • 9/10 Webinar – National Product Policies Town Hall, 10am-12pm PST
  • 10/8 Webinar – National Reduce and Reuse Town Hall, 9am-11pm PST
  • 11/5 Webinar – National Legislation and Regulations Town Hall, 9am-11am PST
  • 12/1 – Roundtable (table topic during morning break)
  • 12/2 – Roundtable (table topic during morning break)
  • 12/3 Plenary – Break Free from Plastics, 8:45am PST
  • 12/3 Concurrent Session – Recycling Market Development and Infrastructure, 10am PST
  • 12/3 Concurrent Session – Organics and Zero Waste, 10am PST
  • 12/3 Concurrent Session – Buy Recycled and Marketing Recycled Products, 11:30am PST
  • 12/3 Concurrent with Exhibit Hall, – Wrap-up and Next Steps, 12:45 pm PST

All registrants of the National Zero Waste Virtual Conference receive free access to the webinars. Details shortly.

Please sign-up for each webinar separately so that the team knows how many people plan to be participating per session.

National Policy Town Hall Webinars

September 10 Product Policies

Topics to be discussed:

  • Bans
  • Fees
  • Deposits (including Bottle Bills)
  • Minimum content
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • October 8 Reduce and Reuse

Topics to be discussed:

  • Right to Repair
    • How to measure Reduce and Reuse
    • Engaging Employees to Reduce and Reuse
    • Reusable Shipping Containers
    • ·       R&D Programs
    • Tax implications of Deconstruction
    • Reuse Innovation Centers

November 5 – National Legislation and Regulations

  • Latest proposed national legislation and regulations regarding reuse, recycling, and composting

Conference Sessions

December 1, 2020, National Zero Waste Conference

December 2, 2020, National Zero Waste Conference

  • National Policy Town Hall Roundtable (table topic during morning break from 10:15 – 10:45 am, using Remo)

December 3, 2020, National Recycling Congress

8:45 am – National Policy Town Hall plenary to Break Free from Plastics

10:00 am – A – National Policy Town Hall on Recycling Market Development and Infrastructure

Topics to be discussed:

  • What’s Contamination and How to Recycle Right
  • Latest Processing Improvements (e.g. more labor, slower belts, more equipment, robotics) 
  • Use Materials Domestically and Bring Recycling Jobs Home from China
  • Container deposit systems to provide cleaner materials
  • Dual vs. Single Stream Collection and Processing
  • Recycling Incentives (e.g. Save as you Throw)

10:00 am – B – National Policy Town Hall on Organics and Zero Waste

Topics to be discussed:

  • Reducing Food Wasting (e.g. Lean Path)
  • Food Donations
  • On-site composters and digesters
  • Community composting
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Large-scale composting and anaerobic digestion
  • Permitting facilities and dealing with air and water regulations
  • Mandates for haulers and/or residential and commercial generators

11:30 am – A – National Policy Town Hall on Buy Recycled and Marketing Recycled Products

Topics to be Discussed:

  • Buy Recycled, Environmentally Preferable and Sustainable Procurement Policies and Programs
  • Durable Products
  • Minimum Content Policies
  • NRC Buy Recycled Business Alliance

12:45 pm – Virtual Exhibit Hall and National Policy Town Hall (Wrap-up and Next Steps)

2:00 pm – Virtual Happy Hour

3:30 pm – Close for Day

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