Virtual Exhibit Hall

NRC is planning to use Remo to host the Virtual Exhibit Hall. Remo allows attendees a high degree of interaction for small group and one-on-one networking.

In Remo, attendees are presented with a virtual floor map with multiple “tables” labeled for sponsors in the Exhibit Hall, table topics for small group discussions, or left open for informal and one-on-one conversations. Attendees can move between tables on their own and are able to see everyone else who is “in the room”. When the user moves to a table, they join a live session that looks like Zoom with everyone else at the table. Below is a screen shot of a sample floor map. Take a spin via YouTube on Remo 101 or sign up for a Guided Tour on the Remo website.

Remo Sample Floor Plan

REMO Training and Practice Sessions

The Conference and the November 19 webinar Finding Markets for Hard to Recycle Materials, will both take place on the Remo platform. This highly interactive virtual system allows participants to move around the conference to network with exhibitors and other attendees.

We recommend you take some time in advance of these events to experience how the Remo platform works. To this end we are offering six short identical sessions will familiarize you with how Remo works and teach you to move around the virtual conference room and floors, join tables, connect with other attendees, etc.

Simply click this link to join on one of dates below. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend; RSVPs are not needed:

    • Monday, 11/30:     10am PST / 1pm EST FINAL TRAINING SESSION
  • TROUBLE SHOOTING SESSIONS: (Does not replace a training!)
    • Tuesday, 12/1:     8am PST / 11am EST, Before Conference
    • Wednesday, 12/2:     8am PST / 10:30am EST, Before Conference
    • Thursday, 12/3:     8am PST / 11am EST, Before Conference
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